Upgrade Vision Systems with AI Capabilities

Pleora’s AI Gateway is an off-the-shelf embedded solution that lets designers easily deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning skills in existing vision applications to reduce costly inspection errors, false-positives and secondary screenings.

In a retrofit application, the AI Gateway acts as an intermediary between the camera and a host PC. The AI Gateway supports a wide range of interface protocols, including GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, Camera Link and MIPI. End-users and integrators can easily deploy AI skills without any additional programming knowledge. The Pleora AI Gateway includes built-in AI classification, sorting, and defect detection skills. Images and data are uploaded to “no code” training software on a host PC, which generates a neural network that is deployed onto the Pleora AI Gateway. For applications requiring unique AI capabilities, the Pleora operating system provides user-friendly framework to upload custom skills developed in Python.

The AI Gateway intercepts the camera video feed and applies the loaded AI skill. For example, image segmentation can be applied to pre-process or “focus” the inspection to improve results and reduce false-positives. The AI Gateway automatically handles image acquisition from the camera source and sends out the processed data over GigE Vision. The inspection application receives the AI processed video as if it were directly connected to the camera, meaning there is no process changes for the end-user.


An diagram of Pleora’s AI Gateway scanning fruits and attached with the Computer.

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