vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers

Compact, low-power replacements for PCs at display monitors

Pleora’s vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabbers are compact, solid-state products that eliminate PCs at display monitors in applications where size, weight, power, or reliability are critical considerations.

The vDisplay HDI-Pro receives video data from GigE Vision compliant cameras and outputs it in real time with low, consistent latency over an HDMI/DVI interface. The external frame grabber consumes approximately 3.2 Watts (W), which dramatically reduces electricity costs in 24/7 applications. A start-up time of only a few seconds provides an additional advantage over using a PC with a standard operating system.

The HDI-Pro can be pre-configured to receive video from any of 32 cameras via unicast or multicast transmission, and can autonomously control up to eight cameras.

Pleora vDisplay HDI Pro

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