Whitepaper: The Transformative Impact of 3D Cameras on Machine Vision

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Pleora Professional Services

With Pleora’s Professional Services program, we customize our off-the-shelf video interface products, develop bespoke solutions, and provide technology integration expertise to deliver solutions meeting your specific performance requirements.

Work with our vision system experts to access Pleora’s market-proven design prowess and systems knowledge for reliable, high-performance GigE Vision® and USB3 Vision™ video delivery. Effortlessly deploy next-generation solutions that leverage our expertise in the GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, and GenICam™ standards.

Gain access to our industry-leading team of experts, systems designers, and standards knowledge for new designs. Customize Pleora video interface solutions, field-proven in high-performance systems and cameras, or develop custom solutions that meet your needs.
A fully managed process, from concept to delivery, production and extended lifecycle management – reduces costs, lowers risk, and speeds time-to-market.  Product lifecycle management, including standards updates, training, and applications engineering support future-proofs your product for long-term sustainability and success.

Partner with Pleora Professional Services, to take advantage of our market-leading technologies, systems expertise, design skills, and comprehensive support with the following forms of Services:

  • Custom application development, entirely designed around your specific needs
  • Engineering services, including but not limited to product customizations by our R&D experts
  • Adoption services, such as post-implementation strategies, advanced eBUS SDK training, or customized training
  • Migration services, technology updates and upgrades
  • Consulting services; including technology consulting, project & program management, or system analytics services
Pleora Professional Services

Custom Design Applications

Closed Hatch Driving System

Drivers use high-bandwidth, low-latency video from multiple cameras to multiple displays over multicast network to navigate windowless mission critical vehicles

Ground Vehicle Vision & Sight System

Converts video from multiple image sources into a standards-based format for ground vehicle situational awareness applications

Custom LSA and Networking System

Receives and synchronizes video from four high-resolution cameras for real-time 360-degree situational awareness for driver visual enhancement

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