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Pleora Technologies Expands AI Manufacturing Solutions with New Apps and Integrations

Ottawa, Canada – : Performance advances for manual and automated inspection solutions help manufacturers reduce errors that result in poor product quality, damage brand, and increase costs Ottawa, Canada – September 26, 2022: Pleora Technologies today introduced new production-ready and customizable performance advances for its AI solutions to help manufacturers improve frontline processes and collect inspection data for analytics. …

Pleora's Suite of AI Apps Ensure End-to-End Quality for DICA Electronics

Ottawa, Canada – : AI decision-support system ready to use with just one image, with integrated visual inspection, product tracking & RMA reporting apps to reduce quality escapes and provide end-to-end process insight Ottawa, Canada – May 25, 2022: Pleora Technologies today announced that DICA Electronics Ltd (DICA) is deploying its suite of pre-packaged apps to reduce manufacturing quality …

Pleora’s Visual Inspection System Helps Ensure Brand Quality for Dairy Distillery

Ottawa, Canada – : Fast-growing distillery with unique spirits made from milk deploys Pleora’s new Visual Inspection System to add AI-based decision-support for labelling and quality control Pleora Technologies today announced that Dairy Distillery, a spirits producer that combines artisanal distilling techniques with a scientific process to transform milk into vodka, is using its Visual Inspection System to help …

Pleora Demonstrates Commitment to Quality with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Ottawa, Canada – : Pleora Technologies, a leading supplier of AI, real-time sensor connectivity and rugged networking solutions, today announced that it has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Gaining this third-party certification recognizes Pleora’s focus on ensuring its products and support meet customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements through an effective quality management system. To achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification, Pleora …

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Shanghai, China

“Quick Wins” for Manufacturing Automation and Manual Processes

: Throughout 2022, we’ve attended numerous manufacturing trade shows, including exhibiting, walking the floor, and speaking during educational or “state of the industry” panels. As a technology solutions provider, these are always great opportunities for us to get a first-hand, end-user view on challenges, requirements, and adoption hurdles. Two of the most significant takeaways for me from …

The Food and Beverage Industry [in Canada] is Under-digitized

: The Canadian food & beverage industry has grown by 5% in 2021, 4.1% in 2022, and is expected to grow another 11.6% by the end of 2025 — yet according to Statistics Canada’s 2022 BDC Food and Beverage Industry Report, the Canadian manufacturers in the sector are substantially under-digitized. “The food industry has lagged behind other sectors …