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Pleora Simplifies Machine Vision Application Development and Connectivity with Expanded eBUS SDK™

Ottawa, Canada – : New Python and expanded operating system support with enhanced transmit capabilities in eBUS SDK simplifies design of production-ready machine vision applications and multi-vendor system integration Ottawa, Canada – April 19, 2023: Pleora Technologies today expanded its industry-leading eBUS SDK™ to streamline application development and vision system connectivity for device manufacturers and integrators. Available now, lead …

Pleora Scores a 10 with New High-Performance GigE Vision Embedded Interface

Ottawa, Canada – : Expanding family of GigE Vision embedded interfaces provide designers with scalable bandwidth and flexible feature options for high-performance, high-reliability imaging devices  Ottawa, Canada – February 22, 2023: Pleora Technologies today introduced a new embedded interface that seamlessly transmits low latency GigE Vision video and data at 10 Gbps over flexible Ethernet cabling. Lead customers are …

Pleora Technologies Expands AI Manufacturing Solutions with New Apps and Integrations

Ottawa, Canada – : Performance advances for manual and automated inspection solutions help manufacturers reduce errors that result in poor product quality, damage brand, and increase costs Ottawa, Canada – September 26, 2022: Pleora Technologies today introduced new production-ready and customizable performance advances for its AI solutions to help manufacturers improve frontline processes and collect inspection data for analytics. …

Pleora's Suite of AI Apps Ensure End-to-End Quality for DICA Electronics

Ottawa, Canada – : AI decision-support system ready to use with just one image, with integrated visual inspection, product tracking & RMA reporting apps to reduce quality escapes and provide end-to-end process insight Ottawa, Canada – May 25, 2022: Pleora Technologies today announced that DICA Electronics Ltd (DICA) is deploying its suite of pre-packaged apps to reduce manufacturing quality …

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Digitization Mistakes to Avoid

: There are numerous articles on the benefits of digitization for manufacturers, but less coverage on common mistakes and missteps to try and avoid. It was a topic that came up during conversations with system integrators at a recent trade show. The area of expertise for one of the integrators was around robotics, where he noted that …

Digitize with Vision!

: Digitization and computer vision are complementary technologies that can be used together to achieve efficiency for manufacturing, but what is the difference between the two, and why do you need both? Digitization refers to the process of converting analog information into a digital format, allowing for easy data transmission, manipulation, and storage. It utilizes technology to …