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Pleora Technologies Expands AI Manufacturing Solutions with New Apps and Integrations

Ottawa, Canada – : Performance advances for manual and automated inspection solutions help manufacturers reduce errors that result in poor product quality, damage brand, and increase costs Ottawa, Canada – September 26, 2022: Pleora Technologies today introduced new production-ready and customizable performance advances for its AI solutions to help manufacturers improve frontline processes and collect inspection data for analytics. …

Pleora’s Visual Inspection System Ensures End-to-End Quality for DICA Electronics

Ottawa, Canada – : AI decision-support system ready to use with just one image, with integrated Inspection and Tracking & Reporting apps to reduce quality escapes and provide end-to-end process insight Ottawa, Canada – May 25, 2022: Pleora Technologies today announced that DICA Electronics Ltd (DICA) is deploying its Visual Inspection System to reduce manufacturing quality escapes and gather …

Pleora’s Visual Inspection System Helps Ensure Brand Quality for Dairy Distillery

Ottawa, Canada – : Fast-growing distillery with unique spirits made from milk deploys Pleora’s new Visual Inspection System to add AI-based decision-support for labelling and quality control Pleora Technologies today announced that Dairy Distillery, a spirits producer that combines artisanal distilling techniques with a scientific process to transform milk into vodka, is using its Visual Inspection System to help …

Pleora Demonstrates Commitment to Quality with ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Ottawa, Canada – : Pleora Technologies, a leading supplier of AI, real-time sensor connectivity and rugged networking solutions, today announced that it has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Gaining this third-party certification recognizes Pleora’s focus on ensuring its products and support meet customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements through an effective quality management system. To achieve ISO 9001:2015 certification, Pleora …

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Taking Apps and Integrations on the Road

: It’s no real secret, but the key to successful product development is listening to customers and understanding their pain points. The best products have continued to evolve to meet new and changing end-user needs. I’ll use mobile phones as a great example, where my first device untethered me from a wired desk phone and made me …

How to Build a Digital Process for Traceability

: Digital Transformation has become such a buzzword recently, especially for markets with high-value manufactured products and highly regulated industries. But, what is it about digital transformation that draws attention? Is it only the idea of digitizing all paper-based processes, or are people hungry for something deeper? For many manufacturers, digital traceability is the first item …