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Pleora Technologies and Skoopia™ announce first GigE Vision block camera connectivity solution.

Ottawa, Canada / Bemelen, The Netherlands – : New Pleora external frame grabber enhances the usability of Skoopia™ block cameras by empowering designers to incorporate them as native GigE Vision® cameras. Pleora Technologies and Skoopia proudly introduce the industry’s first external frame grabber that adds GigE Vision connectivity to Skoopia’s 21Z30S series block cameras. The combined solution helps designers and integrators leverage the …

Pleora Adds New AI Inspection and Checklist Capabilities to Vaira Manufacturing Platform

Ottawa, Canada – : Integrating inspection and checklist apps with new AI object detection and classification skills reduces quality escapes and improves traceability for manufacturers Ottawa, Canada – September 20, 2023: Pleora Technologies today expands its scalable suite of shop-floor ready AI and digitization apps for its Vaira solution to help manufacturers automate and upgrade error-prone processes. Built on …

Pleora Simplifies Machine Vision Application Development and Connectivity with Expanded eBUS SDK™

Ottawa, Canada – : New Python and expanded operating system support with enhanced transmit capabilities in eBUS SDK simplifies design of production-ready machine vision applications and multi-vendor system integration Ottawa, Canada – April 19, 2023: Pleora Technologies today expanded its industry-leading eBUS SDK™ to streamline application development and vision system connectivity for device manufacturers and integrators. Available now, lead …

Pleora Scores a 10 with New High-Performance GigE Vision Embedded Interface

Ottawa, Canada – : Expanding family of GigE Vision embedded interfaces provide designers with scalable bandwidth and flexible feature options for high-performance, high-reliability imaging devices  Ottawa, Canada – February 22, 2023: Pleora Technologies today introduced a new embedded interface that seamlessly transmits low latency GigE Vision video and data at 10 Gbps over flexible Ethernet cabling. Lead customers are …

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Exploring 3D Trends in Machine Vision Industries: Tomorrow’s Vision Today

: Machine vision technology has come a very long way in recent years. With this, the integration of 3D capabilities has become a real game-changer for numerous industries. Let’s explore some exciting trends and advancements in 3D machine vision technology that are reshaping the way we perceive and interact with the world around us. From manufacturing …

The Vital Role of Connectivity in Machine Vision Industries

: Machine vision technology has revolutionized the manner in which we perceive the world, ranging from manufacturing processes to medical diagnostics. This very advanced field relies heavily upon the capability of machines to both see and interpret visual data, making it an essential component of automation and quality control across numerous industries. Connectivity plays a critical …