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Latency and Military Driver Enhancement Applications

: Military local situational awareness (LSA) and driver vision enhancer (DVE) applications require real-time low-latency video and sensor data to help reduce cognitive burden and increase mission effectiveness. Often military ground vehicle crew are challenged by… Read More

Innovation and AI goals for 2020

: It’s starting to look like spring. As the season changes and we leave winter behind, everyone is keen on transforming themselves, setting new goals, and looking at what they can do to improve their processes, products, and company. Innovation is on the minds of many. But what does it really mean to innovate? Our team… Read More

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Pleora and Neurocle Simplify AI Training and Deployment with Plug and Play Solution for Visual Inspection

Ottawa, Canada: AI Gateway “no code” Inspection plug-In significantly reduces development and deployment efforts for advanced classification, segmentation, and detection capabilities Pleora Technologies and Neurocle today announced a technology partnership that simplifies the deployment of deep learning-based classification, segmentation, and object detection capabilities for visual inspection applications. Lead customers are evaluating the AI Gateway and Inspection plug-in… Read More

Pleora and perClass Partner to Simplify Deployment of Hyperspectral Imaging for Inspection Applications

Ottawa, Canada: Pleora Technologies and perClass BV today announced a technology partnership that simplifies the deployment of machine learning hyperspectral imaging for inspection applications. Pleora will be demonstrating its new AI Gateway and hyperspectral imaging plug-in developed with perClass at SPIE Photonics West (Pleora booth #4263, perClass booth #5248) and ATX West (Pleora booth #4255 with Saber1).… Read More