Products (Warranty & Returns)

Warranty and Repair

Pleora offers a standard warranty period of one (1) year from the date of purchase and out-of-warranty repair.

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Product Change Notification

Pleora distributes a product change notification (PCN) for all major changes to a product. The PCN will be sent to all customers who have purchased the impacted product within the last two years.

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Returns and Exchanges

We offer a refund, exchange, or return for credit for hardware purchases returned for any reason within 30 business days of receipt of goods. Software and license sales are final and do not qualify for refunds, credits, or returns.

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Annual Supplier Quality Communique

Pleora is committed to engaging with our suppliers and service partners on the evolution of quality management standards. This includes proactively communicating trending quality issues that may impact Pleora and our customers.

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Pleora Supplier Quality Clauses

This document identifies quality clauses used on Purchase Orders (POs) by Pleora sites. This procedure applies to all Pleora sites and their suppliers. It is intended to establish common language for supplier quality requirements related to Pleora Purchase Orders.

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Environmental Sustainability & Social Responsibility Policy

Pleora conducts business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, the public, and the environment. This includes ensuring Pleora, its product offerings and our supply chain comply with RoHS, REACH, CMRT legislation.

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Pleora Conflict Minerals Report

Pleora conducts business responsibly and in a manner designed to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, the public, and the environment. This includes ensuring Pleora, and Pleora’s supply chain, supports Conflict Minerals regulations. Pleora complies and issues a CMRT report refreshed at each RMI revision.

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Certificates of Compliance

For Access to RoHS, REACH and CMRT compliance please read our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy for general all products compliance. Pleora does not provide CHEM SHERPA certifications as our product format is SCIP ECHA. If CHEM SHERPA is required it is a saleable for fee service priced at $3000.00 Canadian.

Pleora QMS Information - Quality Survey Summary

This form is a summary of typical quality survey questions from Pleora customers requesting details of Pleora quality management system. Pleora is accredited by BSI ISO 9001:2015. Pleora has historically received dozens of surveys that both conflict with the ISO standard and our OEM design and verification standards. This form is the only QMS response available from Pleora.

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ISO9001:2015 CERT

Pleora Quality Management System complies with ISO requirements for the design, manufacture, distribution and support of advanced video interface and networking solutions for system manufactures and camera companies.

Pleora is externally audited and accredited by an ANAB compliant registrar BSI. Therefore, any additional audit requests require a quotation from our sales department. A one-day customer audit can be arranged for the following fee $4000 CDN. Our sub tier raw material suppliers will not allow audits and any evidence of their compliance is provided via standard certificates of compliance on file at Pleora.

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Pleora Packaging Compliance

Pleora’s packaging complies with the “Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste” (94/62 / EC) issued on December 15, 1994 and the subsequent revised edition.

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PFAS (Forever Chemicals) Evolving Restrictions (April 2023)

Pleora is monitoring the EU, USA and other global and international legislation that is planned to mandate PFAS restrictions. We are polling all suppliers in terms of their intentions to eliminate PFAS and if they have these substances present and their intentions to remove them.

All items under Pleora design control will also be assessed within 2023 calendar to determine if we have risk with regard to the pending legislation/restrictions. We monitor and comply with all SVCH, REACH and ROHS compliance for all products. When these new restrictions become effective we shall be ready in advance to comply.

Anti-Counterfeit Control Policy

Pleora maintains an Anti-Counterfeit Control Policy in accordance with the latest Revisions of AS6171-AS5553- IDEA-STD-1010B and AS6081

EU SCIP ECHA Environmental Dossiers Access:

All Pleora products that require a SCIP ECHA dossier are located on the EU-SCIP ECHA Portal.

Pleora staff does not provide links nor access to this portal. Concerned customers or importers are encouraged to create their own access account on EU SCIP ECHA portal and search for and acquire Pleora Dossiers direct.


Accessibility for Ontarians Policy

Pleora complies with the Government of Ontario’s Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) specifically the Customer Service Standard and the Integrated Standards (IASR) including Information and Communications and Employment.

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Pleora Technologies Multi-Year Accessibility Plan 2012 – 2025

Pleora’s multi-year accessibility plan outlines our steps in identifying and removing barriers for people with disabilities under the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation for Information and Communications and Employment.

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