Product Change Notification (PCN) Policy

Pleora distributes a product change notification (PCN) for all major changes to a product (form, fit or functional). The PCN will be sent to all customers who have purchased the impacted product within the last two years.

Wherever possible, Pleora will provide standard PCNs with a target minimum notification period, as indicated below:

  • Hardware, and Hardware Reference Design: minimum 90 days from the PCN document date.
  • FPGA Reference Design (formerly IP Core Package), Firmware Reference Design, firmware, and software: minimum 60 days from the PCN document date.
  • Product discontinuation PCN:
  • PCN document date to placement of last time buy (LTB) or final purchase order for the affected product: 3 months.
  • PCN document date to last time shipment (LTS) or final shipment for the affected product: 6 months.

The PCN will include:

  • Document number.
  • Document date.
  • Affected product and its order code. For a customer-specific PCN, if applicable, its customer part number.
  • Description of change.
  • Reason for the change.
  • Impact to form, fit, and function.
  • Approximate date when product is expected to ship with the change.
  • Pleora contact information.

For discontinuation of a product, the PCN will additionally include:

  • Reason for discontinuance.
  • Effective date for placing last or final purchase order (LTB).
  • Any limitations including terms and conditions that can affect last purchase order e.g. non-cancellable, non-returnable (NCNR).
  • Effective date for last and final shipments (LTS).
  • Information on alternative replacements or solutions.
  • Support and warranty timeframes.

This policy is subject to change.