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Applications for Hyperspectral Imaging

: Hyperspectral imaging is a field with the potential to service a multitude of applications across many industries. Hyperspectral imaging measures the quantity of light emitted, reflected, and transmitted from an inspected object to generate a spectral signature that includes ultraviolet to near infrared information. Inspection systems use this spectral signature, which is similar to a… Read More

Innovation in Kanata North’s Business Park

: Typically the success of companies is measured through growth, revenue, and profits. Measuring these milestones is relatively straightforward and provides a good indicator on a company’s success or failure in the marketplace.  Another equally important way that companies can achieve success – through innovation – lacks the same established metrics. There are many different ways… Read More

Reducing the Complexity of Deploying Artificial Intelligence

: Pleora recently introduced the vision industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform that simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning capabilities to improve the reliability and lower the cost of visual quality inspection. The AI Gateway integrates plug-in and customizable AI skills to increase the accuracy and lower the cost of automated inspection by reducing false… Read More

Sensor Networking for High-Definition Inspection

: Now more than ever, technology buzzwords such as AI or artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, are drawing the interest of several industries for specific applications, or to solve specific problems. Recently Pleora Technologies exhibited at (Collaborative Robots, Advanced Vision & AI Show) and instantly acknowledged that… Read More

X-Ray Moves into New Markets

: Most of us associate X-rays with a trip to the hospital or dentist, but the medical market represents only a portion of applications that are driving the growing global demand for systems and flat panel detector (FPD) technologies. Depending on the report you read, the global X-ray systems market could grow from US$10-11 billion today… Read More