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AI: A Hybrid Approach is the Right Approach

: Reduce false-positives, costly inspection errors and secondary screenings while keeping existing hardware and software, but how? Where does AI offer advantages within inspection applications? And how do manufacturers deploy AI without disrupting end-user systems and processes? In order to adopt AI into any inspection process, first manufacturers and system integrators should better understand the technologies… Read More

FAQ: What Is AI?

: Learn from a leading expert in the field of AI for machine learning. In this brief Q&A, Pleora artificial intelligence engineer Wassim El Ahmar provides some of the basics on AI. Read More

Latency and Military Driver Enhancement Applications

: Military local situational awareness (LSA) and driver vision enhancer (DVE) applications require real-time low-latency video and sensor data to help reduce cognitive burden and increase mission effectiveness. Often military ground vehicle crew are challenged by… Read More

Innovation and AI goals for 2020

: It’s starting to look like spring. As the season changes and we leave winter behind, everyone is keen on transforming themselves, setting new goals, and looking at what they can do to improve their processes, products, and company. Innovation is on the minds of many. But what does it really mean to innovate? Our team… Read More

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