GigE Vision interface for Skoopia Block Cameras

Block cameras bring ease-of-use to machine vision applications with off-the-shelf form factor, system integration, and auto-focus optics advantages. Skoopia block cameras offer 30x and 10x optical zoom with auto-focus and all signals included as a direct replacement for Sony block cameras for machine vision inspection applications.

Pleora’s SKB-GigE External Frame Grabber converts Skoopia block cameras into GigE Vision devices to help designers and manufacturers boost performance, lower costs, and speed time-to-market for machine vision applications.

Integrating Pleora’s iPORT SKB-GigE, Skoopia blocks transmit full-resolution low latency video, power, and control signals to existing ports on a computer over a GigE link for distances up to 100 meters using standard CAT5e/6 cabling.

Designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using smaller form factor computing platforms, including laptops and embedded devices, for processing. The networking flexibility of GigE means images from multiple Skoopia block cameras can be aggregated to a single port, and/or images from one camera can be multicast to multiple endpoints. Extended-reach cabling simplifies installation and maintenance, enables centralized processing, and can remove computing from harsh production environments.

The external frame grabber integrates VISCA commands into GenICam XML to provides a simple user-friendly interface to control and configure Skoopia Block camera over GigE. This also enables rapid prototyping and testing of systems, allowing developers to use the same interface to program applications for any compliant camera or imaging transmission product. On-board programmable logic controller (PLC) and GPIO features streamline connectivity with other vision system components, including synchronizing multiple cameras and precisely measuring, triggering, and controlling the operation of other vision system elements.