Upgrade Inspection System to Network Multiple Imaging Sources

In the pharmaceutical industry, vision technologies are used to count pills and caplets to detect malformed or broken products and contaminates before they are filled into containers. Vision systems are also used to inspect packaging and labelling to ensure high read rates in automated quality inspection and warehouse processes.

Image feeds from existing Camera Link area scan and line scan cameras used for inspection are converted into GigE Vision video using Pleora’s external frame grabbers. The output from multiple image sources can then be aggregated to a single processing and display system using basic network infrastructure. The connection at the computing platform is a standard GigE port, allowing the use of lower-cost, smaller form factor, and lower power embedded computing.

Power, control data, and images are transmitted over a single, flexible Ethernet cable to help lower costs and ease installation and maintenance. IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol capabilities allow precise control, triggering, and synchronization of the multi-camera system. Pleora’s eBUS SDK provides a single software solution to receive video, view streaming data, and adjust device configuration settings in multi-vendor systems.