Real-Time Sensor Networking and Solutions for Thermal Screening

Pleora’s sensor interfaces are designed into thermal screening applications and devices to help identify individuals with elevated temperatures in public areas.

In portable systems designed for mass screening, such as transportation hubs, sports facilities, and workplaces, the real-time thermal and visual images of people passing by the sensor are displayed on a monitor. Individuals with thermal data exceeding a specified target can then be identified and diverted from the public location. The system can also be installed in facilities, with permanently mounted cameras transmitting data to an operator in a control center.

Pleora’s external frame grabber converts the image and data feed from Camera Link sensors into a GigE Vision stream. The uncompressed high-bandwidth video is transmitted with low, consistent latency over an Ethernet cable directly to a port of a computer used for processing and analysis. Eliminating the need for a PCIe frame grabber to capture image data, helps lower overall system costs and complexity while enabling the use of a wider range of computing platforms for analysis and verification. Power, control signals, and data are transmitted over the single, thinner, lighter and more flexible cabling. The long-distance reach of Ethernet enables centralized monitoring in fixed systems.

The real-time performance of the external frame grabber allows the evaluation of hundreds of people per minute without restricting the flow of pedestrians. Leveraging the multicast capabilities of GigE Vision, multiple visual and thermal sensors can be networked to provide centralized monitoring for a facility.

Pleora’s external frame grabbers work seamlessly with eBUS Software Development Kit (SDK); a feature-rich application development toolkit that provides comprehensive APIs for controlling GigE Vision sensors and efficiently receiving image streams.

In thermal imaging cameras, Pleora’s embedded solutions allows manufacturers to easily design, prototype, and launch new GigE and USB3 Vision solutions to address opportunities more quickly, minimize risk, and reduce costs.

Real-Time Sensor Networking and Solutions for Thermal Screening