Speed Design and Reduce Costs of FPDs for X-Ray Cargo Inspection

Pleora’s embedded video interface hardware and eBUS software help reduce design time and component costs of industrial x-ray flat panel detectors (FPDs) used for cargo inspection in airports and transportation hubs.

This inspection system uses multi-energy FPDs identify solid, liquid and homemade explosives in cargo. The system can be retrofit into existing conventional baggage scanners to help increase real-time security and threat detection for all material being screened. By significantly improving the screening intelligence of inspection systems and reducing false alarm rates, the system lowers operating costs for transportation hubs while increasing security standards.

Pleora’s embedded hardware provides manufacturers with an off-the-shelf video interface solution that helps speed the design time of industrial FPDs. The interface solutions convert image and data feeds from FPDs into a high-bandwidth, high-resolution GigE Vision stream that is transferred with low, consistent latency to processing units and displays over an Ethernet connection. Data is streamed directly to an Ethernet port on a processor; eliminating the costs of frame grabbers to capture data while enabling the use of compact, less expensive embedded platforms for image analysis and processing. Flexible, extended-reach Ethernet cabling reduces installation time in new and retrofit designs, and allows processing and display units to be located at a central operations center.

To increase bandwidth throughout over existing Ethernet infrastructure, Pleora’s patented RapidPIX lossless compression converts video data into GigE Vision compliant packets that are transmitted at up to 1.5 Gbps throughput rates over existing 1 Gbps infrastructure. The compression technique, integrated into Pleora’s iPORT NTx-Mini-LC platform, is optimized to ensure original and post-compression data are identical while supporting ultra-low latency performance for mission-critical X-ray imaging applications.

eBUS is a single SDK that supports image capture, display, and transmission through a simple API portable across Mac, Windows, and Linux. Designers can develop production-ready software applications for specialized inspection in the same environment as their end-users, and quickly and easily modify applications for different media.