Machine Vision Connectivity

Pleora’s machine vision expertise helps systems integrators, manufacturers and camera designers add real-time connectivity to imaging solutions and applications

  • Connect any imaging device to processors and displays over Ethernet and USB 3.0
  • Speed design of Vision Standard compliant devices, including cameras, embedded platforms, and X-ray FPDs
  • Simplify application development with end-to-end transmit and receive data delivery for vision, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 systems

Real-Time Networking for Cameras, Sensors, Processing, and Display

With Pleora’s external frame grabbers, manufacturers can add GigE Vision and USB3 Vision connectivity to legacy camera-based systems and applications

Pleora's iPORT CL-U3
  • Stream real-time, low-latency video from cameras and sensors over Ethernet and USB 3.0 directly to existing ports on processors and displays
  • Leverage long-distance, flexible cabling and multicasting
  • Seamless integration – streaming and control functions of native camera interfaces are maintained throughout the system

Video Frame Grabbers


Pleora use case for thermal screening stock

Thermal Screening

Networking, cabling, and design advantages for thermal screening applications and devices

Pleora use case for machine vision industrial inspection stock

Industrial Inspection

Ensure seamless integration in multi-camera and sensor inspection systems, leverage extended-reach cabling to locate processing outside harsh environment

Pleora use case for barcode print verification stock

Barcode Print Verification

Use lower-cost computing platforms for display and analysis in portable print verification systems

Pleora use case for pharmaceutical inspection stock

Pharmaceutical Inspection

Reuse existing cameras while upgrading to a fully networked, lower cost visual inspection system

Pleora use case for microscopy stock


Cabling and computing advantages reduce costs and improve usability

Pleora use case for industrial robotics stock

Industrial Robotics

Cabling and computing benefits reduce design and system complexity to help lower costs

Local Situational Awareness

Deliver real-time uncompressed video from multiple imaging sources to processing platforms and display panels in vetronics systems for ground-based vehicles

Block Camera Connectivity for Machine Vision

GigE Vision interface for Skoopia Block Cameras

Vision Standards Connectivity for Imaging Devices

Pleora’s embedded interfaces help manufacturers add highly reliable GigE Vision and USB3 Vision connectivity to imaging devices, including cameras and X-ray flat panel detectors (FPDs)

Pleora's iPORT NTx-NBT
  • Stream low-latency video over GigE Vision and USB3 Vision to processors and displays with throughputs from 1-10 Gb/s
  • Compact and low power, easily embedded in small-body cameras, flat panel X-ray detectors, and imaging systems
  • Designed into industrial, medical, and security & defense applications

Embedded Interfaces


Pleora use case for industrial cameras stock

Industrial Cameras

Embedded hardware simplifies design of GigE and USB3 Vision compliant cameras

Pleora use case for medical radiography stock

Medical Radiography

Develop high-performance panels for digital radiography and fluoroscopy that leverage networking and cost benefits of Ethernet

Pleora use case for x-ray inspection systems stock

X-Ray Inspection Systems

High-bandwidth, off-the-shelf interface solution for industrial FPDs designed into cargo scanning systems

Pleora use case for dental radiography stock

Dental Radiography

Simplify design of flat panel detectors for panoramic radiography and X-ray dental systems

eBUS Connectivity and Development Software

Streamline end-to-end data delivery and application development for mission-critical automation, security & defense, and medical systems

  • eBUS SDK for image capture, display, and transmission through a simple API portable across Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • eBUS Edge software transmitter converts cameras, sensors, and embedded platforms into fully compliant GigE Vision & GenICam devices
  • eBUS Studio low code design, training and deployment of custom, open source and third-party machine vision and AI applications

eBUS Software


Pleora use case for medical imaging stock

Medical Imaging

“No pixels lost” device connectivity for radiography

Pleora use case for multi-vendor quality inspection systems stock

Multi-Vendor Quality Inspection Systems

Easily integrate third-party cameras and image sources

Pleora use case for embedded imaging devices stock

Embedded Imaging Devices

Software transmitter enables fast, low-cost design of GigE Vision sensors and imaging devices

Pleora use case 3D for inspection stock

3D Inspection

Software transmitter converts 3D devices into GigE Vision to streamline processing

Data Transmission for X-Ray Systems

Edge software ensure end-to-end data delivery in DSA system

AI and Machine Vision Application Development

Low-code platform to build, train, and deploy inspection applications