eBUS Edge Transmitter

Convert any device into a GigE Vision, GeniCam compliant device

For machine vision designers developing imaging systems with a variety of advanced cameras, sensors, and embedded platforms, eBUS Edge is a software solution that simplifies deployment by converting any device into a standardized GigE Vision, GenICam compliant device, enabling portability and interoperability across devices while still allowing for 3rd party processing applications.

Design and deploy a standards-based inspection solution without adding additional specialized hardware to an already tight footprint, and easily add advanced sensors and cameras to your existing inspection application to improve machine vision inspection systems without device limitations.

By converting data into GigE Vision, end-users can employ off-the-shelf image processing software and evolve towards advanced factory automation applications, while GenICam allows users to continue to control devices. Local decision-making reduces bandwidth demands while reserving centralized processing power for more complex analysis tasks.

eBUS Edge

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