eBUS Player

Sample application to control imaging devices and view streams

The eBUS Player, included with the purchase of a Developer Seat License and also available as a free download, is an easy-to-use solution to both view streams and develop, test, and evaluate advanced application features.

The eBUS Player allows users to control the parameters of imaging sources by providing access to the GenICam-compliant XML files built into all GigE Vision and USB3 Vision compliant devices.

eBUS Player also receives and allows users to view streaming data, balance colors, and save video, images, and device configuration to help determine the optimal settings for a vision system. eBUS Player can be used to control GigE Vision and USB3 Vision devices in a final application, or users can develop their own software application using the eBUS SDK.

eBUS Player Free Download

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Free Download

The eBUS Player Toolkit is available as a free download for systems running Microsoft Windows operating systems in either 64-bit or 32-bit configurations, or try the feature-rich Software Development Kit.

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