Product Overview

Built on decades of expertise in the vision market, eBUS SDK is the industry leading choice for image capture, display, and transmission in thousands of mission-critical automation, security & defense, and medical applications. eBUS SDK is a comprehensive solution, providing developers with a feature-rich platform that simplifies application development along with receive and transmit capabilities to streamline end-to-end data delivery between sensor devices and host applications.


eBUS is a single SDK that enables developers to write code that can implement either or both receive and transmit modes of operation. The eBUS SDK is built on a single API to receive video over GigE, 10 GigE, and USB that is portable across Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. With an eBUS SDK Seat License, designers can develop production-ready software applications in the same environment as their end-users, and quickly and easily modify applications for different media, while avoiding supporting multiple APIs from different vendors. Compared to camera vendor provided SDKs, eBUS frees developers from being tied to a specific camera, and instead they can choose the device that is best for the application.

eBUS SDK complies fully with the GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and GenICam standards. It interoperates seamlessly with Pleora’s extensive portfolio of video interface products, as well as with standards-compliant products from other manufacturers. Purchasing the eBUS SDK Seat License includes access to online support and technical documentation. For dedicated technical expertise, including installation and configuration support, Maintenance and Support Subscriptions are available.

eBUS SDK network diagram

eBUS Tx for Sensor Devices

eBUS Tx is a software implementation of a full device level GigE Vision transmitter, without requiring any additional hardware. Adding eBUS Tx to a CPU’s software stack turns it into a fully compliant GigE Vision device that supports image transmission and enables the device to respond to control requests from a host controller. eBUS Tx is GigE Vision and GenICam compliant, meaning end-users can use any standards-compliant third-party image processing system. eBUS Tx currently supports the GigE Vision standard, contact Pleora if USB3 Vision image transmission is required.

Simplify 3D for Machine Vision Inspection

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Networking for Machine Vision with eBUS Tx

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eBUS Rx for Host Applications

eBUS Rx manages high-speed reception of images or data into buffers for hand-off to the end application for further analysis. Developers can write applications that run on a host computer to seamlessly control and configure an unlimited number of GigE Vision or USB3 Vision and GenICam compliant sensors.

The eBUS Universal Pro driver reduces CPU usage when receiving images or data, leaving more processing power for analysis and inspection applications while helping to meet latency and throughput requirements for real-time applications. The eBUS Universal Pro driver is easily integrated into third-party processing software to bring performance advantages to end-user applications.

Sensor schematic

eBUS Player Toolkit

The eBUS Player Toolkit, included with the purchase of a eBUS SDK Seat License and also freely downloadable from the Pleora website, is an easy-to-use solution to both view streams and develop, test and evaluate advanced application features. The toolkit includes:

  • eBUS Player: Allows users to control the parameters of GigE Vision and USB3 Vision compliant devices. The player receives video and allows users to view streaming data and adjust device configuration settings to determine optimal settings for the vision system. Note: the source code for eBUS Player is included as one of the code samples in the SDK.
  • eBUS Universal Pro Driver: Assists in transferring video from a GigE Vision stream to vision system applications, ensuring delivery with low, consistent latency while reducing CPU resource utilization.
  • Raw Image Viewer: View raw binary images saved with eBUS Player.
  • Camera Link Setup Assistant: Specify location of CL Protocol DLL files and automatically generates (or updates) GENICAM_CLPROTOCOL environment variable.

Pleora eBUS Player Toolkit

Software Maintenance and Support Information

This information applies to the eBUS SDK, AI Gateway software and eBUS AI Studio.

Maintenance and support offerings do not include custom code development, contact Pleora for more information about our Professional Services offerings.

Maintenance and Support Definitions
Basic Access to Pleora software maintenance releases for one year (365 days) from date of purchase, basic installation support, and online support tools.
Standard Access to Pleora software maintenance releases for one year (365 days) from date of purchase, code samples, online support tools, with additional best practice guidance and troubleshooting for standard installation, setup, and configuration.

Access Pleora software maintenance releases for one year (365 days) from date of purchase, code samples, online support tools, best practice guidance and troubleshooting for standard installation, setup and configuration, with additional ‘priority access’ for functional support from a dedicated team of senior application engineers.

This maintenance and support offering is suited for customers requiring ongoing developer support during testing and development stages.

Maintenance and Support Description Basic Standard Developer
Access to annual SOFTWARE maintenance releases
Self-serve on-line public access to Pleora’s Support Centre and global email and telephone support
Access to online documentation
Best practice guidance and troubleshooting support during standard installation
Setup and configuration support
Pleora samples
Assistance with troubleshooting custom code/applications based on Pleora samples
Assistance with writing custom code/applications based on Pleora samples
Dedicated access to an Application Engineer
Priority Access to Pleora Support

eBUS FAQ and Overview

To learn more about eBUS, including eBUS SDK Seat and Runtime licensing, support subscriptions, migrating from previous versions, and platform support, see the FAQ.

eBUS Feature Overview

eBUS Operating System Support Overview

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