Medical Imaging

“No pixels lost” radiography

eBUS SDK provides image capture, display, and transmission capabilities to ensure no pixels are lost in medical imaging applications.

With eBUS SDK, designers can develop applications that work with vision standard-compliant GigE and USB3 imaging devices from any vendor and production-ready software that is easily ported to different operating systems using the same API. In multi-vendor applications, eBUS SDK eliminates the complexity and cost of supporting multiple APIs. Wide operating system support allows developers to create applications in the same environment as end-users. Extensive rebranding and repackaging capabilities through the included source code, including multi-language support, means eBUS SDK can be “private labelled” for deployment to end-users.

In an Ethernet-based medical imaging application, the configurable performance of eBUS SDK ensures every pixel is delivered to help reduce image acquisition time. The eBUS Universal Pro Driver brings guaranteed low latency performance to Ethernet, while also reducing CPU usage to minimize delays and providing more power budget for processing and analysis. The eBUS Universal Pro Driver works in conjunction with network interface cards from any vendor. The flexibility of the SDK enables hardware-independent design of systems that can be upgraded with new image sources, without having to rewrite software.