iPORT NTx-Deca Embedded Interface for Cameras and Flat Panel Detectors

Transmit video seamlessly at 10 Gbps over Ethernet

Pleora’s iPORT™NTx-Deca embedded interface, built on decades of proven expertise in high-reliability transport solutions, simplifies the design of high-performance cameras, imaging devices, and medical, dental, and industrial X-ray flat panel detectors (FPDs).

Compared with competing approaches, the off-the-shelf iPORT NTx-Deca significantly reduces design time and cost by providing a vision standards-compliant, integrated solution that ensures interoperability in multi-vendor systems. Connect your sensor to Pleora’s iPORT NTx-Deca, and the off-the-shelf solution seamlessly handles 10 Gbps video and sensor transport over flexible Copper Cat 6A Ethernet cabling for distances up to 100 meters. GigE Vision 2.0 compliance streamlines interoperability in multi-vendor imaging systems and applications.

Pleora’s unique Image Management Database features enhance system reliability. Store video frames with associated metadata for patient identification, video replay, and tractability for medical and dental applications. In the event of a power or network failure, image management features allow a user to retrieve image data.

The embedded solution is supported by Pleora’s eBUS Software Development Kit, the industry leading choice for image capture, display, and transmission in thousands of mission-critical automation, security and defense, and medical applications.

Pleora NTx-NBT25

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