Reduce Costs and Complexity of Industrial Robots

Pleora’s external frame grabbers help cut the cost, improve the usability, and reduce the complexity of vision systems for assembly manufacturing lines by converting existing cameras into GigE or USB3 Vision cameras.

Pleora’s external frame grabbers convert the image feed from a Camera Link or Sony block camera in a bin-picking robot into GigE or USB3 Vision-compliant video.  Uncompressed video, power, and control data are transmitted over a single cable directly to existing ports on a computer used for analysis and display. Designers are free to choose from a broad selection of small form factor and low-power computing platforms, including laptops and embedded systems.

Leveraging the onboard programmable logic controller (PLC) users can control and trigger the camera and other vision systems elements, including area sensors and lighting sources. The sophisticated real-time GPIO interfaces with all types of sensors, and employs differential signaling and high-threshold logic (HTL) techniques to minimize the effects of electrical noise.

Alternatively, industrial robotics manufacturers can design networked sensors by utilizing Pleora eBUS Edge, a software implementation of a full device level GigE Vision, GenICam compliant transmitter.

eBUS Edge converts existing cameras, sensors, and embedded platforms with non-Ethernet interfaces into standard GigE Vision GenICam compliant devices for integration with machine vision processing solutions. By converting cameras and sensors into GigE Vision devices, designers can leverage more advanced sensor capabilities (such as 3D) for inspection tasks while maintaining existing processing, and preparing for Industry 4.0 and IIoT applications requiring networked edge devices.

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