Networked Multi-Camera Inspection System for Industrial Environments

Pleora provides end-to-end transmit and receive software solutions to simplify the integration and implementation of new designs or retrofit upgrades of infrared (IR) temperature sensor solutions, including pyrometers used for thermal imaging, flare and emission monitoring, and various pyrometer applications often found in harsh manufacturing environments or petrochemical emissions monitoring.

With Pleora’s eBUS Edge, system designers can easily convert existing temperature sensors into GigE Vision devices without requiring additional hardware. eBUS Receive manages high-speed reception of sensor data for hand-off to off-the-shelf processing software. By standardizing sensor output, devices can be easily networked for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Leveraging the extended-reach cabling and multicasting capabilities of GigE Vision, designers can streamline inspection and monitoring pyrometer applications and locate processing, analysis, and display outside of extreme conditions.

For example, in a furnace slag detection system for steelmaking, IR Pyrometers and ruggedized visible light cameras are used to monitor production process. The feed from existing cameras and sensors used for ladle and tap stream inspection are converted into GigE Vision-compliant video using Pleora’s external frame grabbers. Camera and sensor data then streamed over a common network to processing platforms and displays.

Integrated IEEE 1588 support of Pleora’s external frame grabbers allows precise image synchronization and triggering in the multi-camera application, while Pleora’s eBUS SDK ensures seamless performance integration in the multi-vendor, multi-image source inspection application. Images can be received, then handed off for analysis or display, from different types of cameras and image sources, regardless of vendor.