Simplifying Data Transmission and Device Integration for Medical DSA System

Pleora’s eBUS Edge provides a software-only approach that simplifies data transmission and device connectivity in multi-vendor medical radiography systems.

Designed into a digital subtraction angiography (DSA) system, eBUS Edge delivers a highly reliable GigE Vision-compliant data transmission solution. DSA is a fluoroscopic technique that provides a real-time, continuous display of the flow of blood through a patient. The system integrates an X-ray flat panel detector (FPD) on a C-arm gantry, image processing, storage, and display.

In this application, the X-ray FPD integrates a Pleora embedded interface that transmits GigE Vision compliant data to a host PC. The host PC processes the data to provide a real-time comparison of live images against a stored reference image, and continuously displays differences on a video monitor to provide complete monitoring of the examination as it progresses. Processed data is shared over a DICOM compliant link to a server.

At the host PC, eBUS Edge simultaneously transmits real-time imaging data along with patient and system meta data over a GigE Vision link to a DSA workstation without impacting CPU performance for processing and analysis. The workstation receives the images for display for the operator and sends reporting data to the server.

With the software-approach to data transmission between the host PC and workstation a manufacturer can design an end-to-end, fully integrated, and highly reliable imaging chain from the X-ray FPD, processing, display, and storage. The GigE Vision-based approach to data transmission reduces integration complexity and incompatibilities in multi-vendor solutions without requiring additional hardware.  

For medical, dental, and industrial imaging applications with FPDs integrating GigE Vision connectivity built on Pleora’s embedded interface solutions, eBUS Edge provides an end-to-end data transmission solution to connect to local and cloud-based storage servers, display panels, and processing.