"No Code" AI Design for Inspection

eBUS AI Studio™ is an intuitive platform to develop AI skills for automated and manual inspection

  • Non-experts can easily create AI and computer vision automations to improve quality, lower costs, and increase efficiencies
  • Start developing AI and computer vision plug-ins and apps with no-code block-based tools
  • Customize and deploy open source computer vision and AI skills

No Code Automation and Quality Workflows

The intuitive, web-based eBUS AI Studio platform lets any user – from non-programmers to advanced developers – design, train, test, and deploy their own AI and computer vision plug-ins for automated and manual inspection tasks throughout the factory.

Open Source Support and Quick Start Design

Integrated OpenCV support lets users leverage traditional computer vision algorithms to create real-time inspection skills. Advanced developers and system and solution integrators can further customize the Python-based code for unique requirements. Included quick start templates for common inspection tasks help you easily create your first plug-ins.

Streamlined, Future-Proof Deployment

Plug-ins developed in eBUS AI Studio can be seamlessly deployed on any compatible edge or PC-based processing solution, including Pleora’s AI GatewayTM and Visual Inspection System. Add advanced inspection capabilities, while connecting to existing hardware, software, PLCs, and end-user process. MQTT and OPC-UA no-code blocks to help ensure future-proof Industry 4.0 capabilities.

Build Automation Plug-Ins with eBUS AI Studio

No-code AI design How it works
Improving Visual Inspection Quality with AI icon

Improving Visual Inspection Quality with AI

Streamline AI deployment with no code AI plug-in design