Precisely Synchronize Multi-Camera Sports Analysis Systems

Sports video analysis integrates machine vision expertise to track and monitor real-time athletic performance and enhance television broadcasts by providing slow-motion replay, panoramic views, and 3D reconstruction.

Camera Link and Sony Block cameras are often in sports analysis due to their high resolution and frame rate, but designers must compensate for the camera’s complex, limited-reach cabling and lack of networking support. In addition, legacy cameras may require separate connectors for advanced synchronization.

In comparison, Pleora’s external frame grabbers simplify cabling, enable more flexible system design, and provides precise synchronization in multi-camera applications. The external frame grabbers convert video data to Ethernet packets and transmit the uncompressed video over a standard Ethernet cable. With the long-reach cabling, processing and image analysis equipment can be located in a centralized operations center.

Leveraging the external frame grabber’s integrated support for the IEEE 1588 PTP (Precision Time Protocol), cameras and computing platforms can be synchronized using the same packet network that transports the imaging data. Cameras can be synchronized over the Ethernet network with jitter less than 10 microseconds.


Diagram of Pleora's multi-camera sports analysis systems

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