Cabling, Networking, and Reliability Advantages for Automated Inspection

In new design and retrofit upgrade of quality inspection systems, Pleora’s external frame grabbers simplify system implementation and maintenance, extend the life of legacy systems, future-proof designs, and enhance performance.

Existing Camera Link Full, Medium, and Base mode cameras are converted to GigE using Pleora’s external frame grabbers. With Ethernet’s long cabling reach, designers can move processing computers away from the harsh climate on the inspection floor.

To enhance reliability, Pleora’s external frame grabbers multicast image data to multiple computing platforms simultaneously using an off-the-shelf GigE switch. Individual PCs can be optimized for different types of defects, rather than mating a PC to each individual camera. If a primary PC is taken offline for maintenance or live testing of new image processing algorithms, inspection functions can be assumed by backup PCs, without needing to switch cables or change software settings.

Pleora’s external frame grabbers integrate a programmable logic controller (PLC) that accepts triggers from laser sensors or rotary encoders, and accurately synchronize both the camera’s sensor and the strobe light.


A diagram of Pleora's Quality Inspection application

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