Sensor Networking for High-Bandwidth Medical and Industrial Flat Panel Detectors

From medical imaging to industrial inspection and security, Pleora’s sensor interface products are enabling design, usability, and cost advantages in X-ray flat panel detector applications.

Pleora’s real-time sensor networking expertise solves complex connectivity challenges for medical, industrial, inspection, and security X-ray systems that must process, analyze, and display high-bandwidth video and data with extremely low latency or delay. Our extensive portfolio of off-the-shelf sensor interfaces significantly reduce cost and time when compared with in-house design, allowing manufactures to quickly develop and market higher bandwidth FPDs for new applications including radiography, dental, non-destructive testing, food inspection, infrastructure monitoring, and border point-of-entry security.

Medical Radiography

Develop high-performance panels for digital radiography and fluoroscopy that leverage networking and cost benefits of Ethernet

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