Automated Inspection for Wire Manufacturing

A contract manufacturer of wire and cables relies on Pleora’s Vaira solution to avoid production delays and reduce costly waste.

One of their primary markets is wiring for electric switches, where the length of the wire and stripped ends must be within a specific measurement. Machines used for cutting and stripping can fall out of tolerance or be improperly calibrated. If an error occurred, which often was not detected until thousands of products were produced, employees were then manually inspecting and measuring wiring. This resulted in downtime, waste due to scrap, and potential quality issues if faulty products reached market.

With Vaira’s visual inspection app the manufacturer is deploying fully automated inspection without impacting existing infrastructure. Cut and stripped wires fall onto a conveyor belt that passes the products under a machine vision camera. The Vaira app visually checks the length of the wire and stripping. With out-of-the-box PLC integration, if products fall out of tolerance Vaira automatically triggers an alert for the operator to stop production. Pleora’s solution also gathers and shares complete production data with the manufacturer’s ERP system.

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