Automate Manual Inspection

Pleora’s AI expertise helps manufacturers reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure product quality by automating manual inspection of consumer goods, manufactured parts, food & beverage, and print & packaging. The inspection system intuitively guides operators through the manufacturing process and automatically identifies and visually highlights differences and deviations.

Automating inspection or adding decision-support for human operators speeds inspection rates, improves end-to-end product quality, and provides more qualitative product evaluation to ensure manufacturing processes are repeatable and traceable.

Pleora’s visual inspection solution automates manual tasks at different points in the manufacturing process, including work-in-progress and finished product, with an intuitive display that guides operators through inspection steps. The standalone solution works in parallel with existing inspection systems, meaning manufacturers can deploy advanced AI skills without disrupting existing processes or workflows.

The plug-and-play system, which includes all required software, edge processing, a camera and display panel, is easily trained on a manufacturer’s unique data to implement end-to-end quality checks. A user interface automatically runs on the display, guiding operators through the manufacturing process, and identifying and visually highlighting differences and deviations.