Networking and Cost Advantages for Military Vetronics

GigE allows manufacturers to easily upgrade or design vision systems for military ground vehicles that integrate different types of cameras, displays, and processing computers into a single, all-digital, real-time video network.

In a local situational awareness (LSA) application, video from legacy cameras is converted to an uncompressed GigE video stream by Pleora external frame grabbers and multicast over the Ethernet network to displays and processing equipment at various points within the vehicle. By adopting the GigE Vision standard for video distribution, designers can meet requirements for VIVOE DEF STAN 00-82, as well as the US Department of Defense VICTORY and NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA) guidelines. For more, read our whitepaper on Local Situational Awareness Design and Military and Machine Vision Standards.

Video, control data, and power are transmitted over the single cable; lowering component costs, simplifying installation and maintenance, and reducing cable clutter and weight in the vehicle.All computers used for processing and mission control connect to the network via their standard Ethernet port, eliminating the need for a computing platform with an available peripheral card slot. Instead, designers can employ ruggedized laptops, embedded PCs, or single-board computers for image analysis and control to help lower costs, improve reliability, and meet size, weight, and power (SWaP) objectives.

With all devices connected to a common infrastructure and straightforward network switching, video can be transmitted to any combination of mission computers and displays. Troops can decide which video streams they need to see, without changing cabling or software configurations, or use the on-board mission computer to combine images for use by others in the vehicle.



A diagram of Pleora's Military Vetronics application

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