Our library includes videos covering a range of topics including; product overviews, demonstrations, video interface standards and their applications.

Pleora AI Gateway Demo: Video Streaming and Web UIs

Enable the web server on the AI Gateway. The AI Gateway streams the camera feed through GigE Vision as usual. We’ll launch a browser and type in the address of the AI Gateway.

Pleora AI Gateway – Defect Detection

Pleora AI Gateway Demo: Social Distancing Detection

Connect to the AI Gateway, using AI with 3D and visible sensors, to calculate the distance between each person dynamically.

Pleora AI Gateway Demo: Face Detection Using Thermal IR Cameras

Simplify AI Deployment for Inspection

Pleora’s AI Gateway is a straightforward way to train and deploy machine learning algorithms to improve the reliability and lower costs of inspection by reducing errors, false-positives, and secondary screenings.

Pleora AI Gateway Image Comparison Sample Code – PCB Inspection

Using the image comparison plug-in skill for the Pleora AI Gateway to automate visual inspection on a printed circuit board

Pleora AI Gateway Sample Code – Basic Per-Pixel Inversion

This plug-in for the Pleora AI Gateway shows basic Python pixel operations by inverting pixels of an image, and provides a starting point for other image enhancement operations while allowing users to gain an understanding of Python plug-in framework.

Pleora AI Gateway Sample Code – Object Counter with OPC-UA

The plug-in skills for the Pleora AI Gateway detects circles in an image and displays a live count to users for automating routine counting tasks.

Pleora AI Gateway Sample Code – QR Code Detector

Based on OpenCV QR code detection, the plug-in for the Pleora AI Gateway skill reads the value of a QR code while demonstrating how to integrate OpenCV features into the AI Gateway.

Pleora AI Gateway Sample Code – Image Comparison

This plug-in skill for the Pleora AI Gateway compares two images – a reference “golden image” and a current image to be inspected – to highlight defects to the end-user and automate routine visual inspection tasks.

Pleora AI Gateway Hyperspectral Plug-In

The Hyperspectral Plug-In for the AI Gateway, developed with perClass, is the easiest way to leverage machine-learning hyperspectral imaging for challenging inspection applications without any additional programming knowledge.

AI Gateway Reference Image Plug-In

Pleora’s AI Gateway provides a "no code" approach to deploying machine learning AI in visual inspection applications. The reference image plug-in allows users to take a reference snapshot and then automatically compare subsequent images to the reference image.

Modular, scalable, mission-critical sensor networking

Pleora solves critical sensor networking challenges for vehicle electronics systems deployed in LSA, C4ISR, and surveillance applications.

Automated Quality Inspection

Pleora’s GigE Vision video interface products bring cabling, networking, and computing advantages to new and retrofit vision systems for manufacturing and inspection applications.

Optical Coherence Tomography for Ophthalmology

Pleora’s External Frame Grabbers help cut the cost, improve the usability, and reduce the complexity of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems for eye care applications by converting existing cameras into USB3 Vision cameras.

This video is also available in Chinese and Japanese.

The Networked Operating Room

Real-time imaging is improving clinical assessments, and in some instances reducing the need for surgical intervention. Fast, reliable data transfer eliminates the wait times, cost, and waste associated with X-ray film, which significantly improves patient diagnosis and throughput.

Image-Based Chemical Threat Detection System

USB 3.0 video interface reduces computing costs and cabling complexity of portable military imaging system for chemical detection.

Local Situational Awareness Design and Military and Machine Vision Standards

Video is playing an increasingly important role in a growing range of military local situational analysis (LSA) applications to help improve surveillance and intelligence of possible threats while keeping troops out of harm’s way.

eBUS Apps: eBUS View + Annotate

eBUS View + Annotate is a free app for adding comments to live camera feeds to create detailed reports and work instructions. Plug in any GigE Vision-compatible camera and start creating notes to help communicate changes remotely.

eBUS SDK with DirectShow Filter

An introduction to GigE Vision and USB3 Vision DirectShow filter.

Compression using DirectShow Filters

Using Pleora’s DirectShow filter for GigE Vision and USB3 Vision connectivity to compress the video for storage or retransmission.

vDisplay – Autonomous Source Control Configuration

How to quickly and easily configure a vDisplay HDI-Pro External Frame Grabber for autonomous control of 3rd party cameras.

Corporate Overview and Markets Served

A brief summary on our company, GigE Vison and USB3 Vision interface products, and expertise for the machine vision, security and defense, and medical markets.

This video is also available in Chinese.

Markets Served – Quick Overview

Learn more about what markets rely on our real-time video interface products for mission-critical applications

Introduction to GigE Vision

Basic Overview of the benefits of the GigE Vision standard for video transport in machine vision applications.