Pleora’s Accelerate Ecosystem includes fully integrated technology capabilities, off-the-shelf solutions, third-party extensions, and tools that help end-users, integrators, and device designers add intelligence and speed the development of vision applications.

Pleora’s Integration Ecosystem provides technology solutions that are fully integrated into our products to deliver complete solutions for vision applications. Solutions available through our Integration Ecosystem have been fully evaluated and tested by Pleora’s R&D team to ensure seamless deployment, with ongoing technology support available for end-users.

AI and Machine Learning

Pleora partners with machine learning and AI experts to simplify the development and training of advanced plug-in capabilities for the AI Gateway. Combing off-the-shelf plug-in capabilities from our Integration Ecosystem with the powerful processing of Pleora’s AI Gateway, designers and users can simplify the deployment of machine learning AI to immediately reduce inspection errors and costs.

Military Situational Awareness

Plug-in capabilities developed by Integration Ecosystem partners for Pleora’s RuggedCONNECT Smart Video Switcher provide advanced awareness and decision-making support capabilities to increase intelligence and mission effectiveness while reducing cognitive burden in military imaging applications.

Technologies available through Pleora’s Extension Ecosystem leverage the company’s interface and networking expertise in off-the shelf devices/solutions or provide third-party applications to extend the capabilities of our products. Technologies available through the Extension Ecosystem have been tested by Pleora, but are available and maintained by ecosystem members.

Third-Party Applications

Applications developed by users, integrators, and designers help to extend the capabilities of Pleora’s products and integrate the company’s technologies into unique applications.

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