Product Overview

Pleora’s eBUS-ISR SDK helps manufacturers and integrators design standards-compliant software applications that receive and transmit both Def Stan 00-082 Vetronics Infrastructure for Video Over Ethernet (VIVOE) and GigE Vision video streams in GVA (Def Stan 23-009) and NGVA (STANAG 4754) local situational awareness (LSA) and C4ISR platforms.

Building on Pleora’s decades of expertise in image capture, display, and transmission for mission-critical imaging applications, the eBUS-ISR SDK networks ruggedized GigE Vision and VIVOE cameras, sensors, and video equipment from multiple vendors through a comprehensive API that is portable across Linux and Windows operating systems. Building image processing applications on top of eBUS-ISR, users are no longer tied to manufacturer-specific SDKs and can develop systems using any GigE Vision and VIVOE compliant camera or image sensor. By using a shared SDK for all transport functions, designers can preserve existing software investments while adding advanced systems capabilities to help increase mission effectiveness.

eBUS-ISR is an off-the-shelf solution that reduces costs and risks by eliminating the need to design and test proprietary code. Instead, developers can focus their expertise and investment on value-added functionality for end-users. In addition, complete lifecycle management of the SDK by Pleora helps ensure a secure, reliable, and cost-effective supply chain while reducing interoperability risks and long-term support burden.



eBUS-ISR SDK (Developer Seat License)

eBUS-ISR SDK is built on a single API to receive and transmit GigE Vision and VIVOE video over GigE and 10 GigE that is portable across Windows and Linux operating systems. With an eBUS-ISR Developer Seat License, designers can develop production-ready software applications in the same environment as their end-users, quickly and easily modify applications for different media, while avoiding supporting multiple APIs from various vendors. Compared to camera vendor provided SDKs, eBUS-ISR frees developers from being tied to a specific camera, and instead they can choose the device that is best for the application.

eBUS-ISR complies fully with the GigE Vision, GenICam, GVA, and NGVA standards. It interoperates seamlessly with Pleora’s video, as well as with standards-compliant products from other manufacturers. The eBUS-ISR SDK Developer Seat License includes available receive and transmit modules and access to online support and technical documentation. For dedicated technical expertise, including installation and configuration support, a Developer Support Subscription is available. Applications written with eBUS-ISR libraries will require an eBUS-ISR Rx runtime license for deployment to a target device.

eBUS-ISR Rx for Host Applications

eBUS-ISR Rx manages high-speed reception of GigE Vision and VIVOE images or data into buffers for hand-off to the end application for further analysis. Developers can write applications that run on a host computer to seamlessly control and configure an unlimited number of GigE Vision and VIVOE compliant sensors. The eBUS-ISR Universal Pro Driver reduces CPU usage when receiving images or data in GigE Vision-based platforms, leaving more processing power for analysis and inspection applications while helping meet latency and throughput requirements for real-time applications. The eBUS-ISR Universal Pro Driver is easily integrated into third-party processing software to bring performance advantages to end-user applications.

eBUS-ISR Tx for Sensor Devices

eBUS-ISR Tx is a software implementation of a full device level GigE Vision or VIVOE transmitter, without requiring any additional hardware.

Adding eBUS-ISR Tx to a CPU’s software stack turns it into a fully compliant GigE Vision device that supports image transmission and enables the device to respond to control requests from a host controller. eBUS-ISR Tx is GigE Vision and GenICam compliant, meaning end-users can use any standards-compliant third-party image processing system.

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