Product Overview

Designed for use in high-performance imaging systems, Pleora’s eBUS Software Development Kit (SDK) is a feature-rich toolkit that allows Windows, Linux and Mac developers to produce video applications in short timeframes, while reducing risk and lowering design and support costs.

Try eBUS with a Free Trial. To take full advantage of the eBUS SDK’s transmit and receive capabilities you must obtain a license. A Developer Support Subscription provides one year of installation, configuration, and technical support as well as source code samples. Visit our ecommerce site to learn more.


The eBUS SDK is based on a clean, modular architecture that uses a single set of functions to receive video over GigE, 10 GigE, and USB. This helps “future-proof” application software because it can be modified quickly and easily for different media. It also helps developers work efficiently, and reduces support for portfolios with multiple interface offerings.

Pleora’s eBUS SDK features a huge library of sample code to provide a quick-start platform for development projects. The eBUS SDK complies fully with the GigE Vision, USB3 Vision and GenICam standards. It interoperates seamlessly with Pleora’s extensive portfolio of video interface products, as well as with standards-compliant products from other manufacturers.

eBUS Player

The eBUS Player allows users to control the parameters of GigE Vision and USB3 Vision compliant devices by providing access to the GenICam-compliant XML files. The player receives video and allows users to view streaming data and adjust device configuration settings to determine optimal settings for the vision system. End-users can control GigE Vision and USB3 Vision imaging devices using eBUS Player, or build their own software application using the eBUS SDK.

Video Server API

The Video Server API transmits images over the network from a computer to one or more alternate destinations. Images can be captured (using operating system API functions or an SDK) and transferred to the Video Server API from several types of devices or applications.