Pleora Transcoder Gateway Reduces Cost and Complexity of Multi-Viewer Imaging Systems

Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance interfaces for video and data applications, is now shipping its Transcoder Gateway following extensive field trials in transportation, defense and security, and industrial automation applications. The company is demonstrating the new appliance at upcoming events, including the Pleora Technology Conference in Toyko, Japan and the AIA Canadian Machine Vision Show in Ottawa, Canada.

“Pleora’s Transcoder Gateway automatically converts vision standard video so it is easily viewed on tablets, smartphones, and high-definition displays and transmitted to recorders,” said John Phillips, senior manager of product management with Pleora. “Designers and integrators can reduce system costs and complexity by preserving the low-latency, uncompressed video required for processing and analysis, and redistributing the same image feed to users with less strict demands. Previously, applications with automated processing and live viewing requirements often needed dedicated cameras and infrastructure.”

The Transcoder Gateway simultaneously receives video from up to four GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras for compression, retransmission, display, and archiving. While preserving the high-quality video required for processing and analysis, the image feed is converted into the H.264 compression format and transmitted over a wired or wireless connection using the real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) to a playback device. The image feed can also be saved as IEEE 1588 time-stamped video to USB-attached storage media, and output with administrator specific overlays via an HDMI connection to high-definition displays.

In transportation applications, such as multi-camera container cranes used for port management, GigE Vision video is multicast to a computing platform used for automated cargo scanning and the Transcoder Gateway. The plug-in appliance automatically converts image feeds into a compressed video stream that is transmitted to a central operations center for live surveillance and archiving. Similarly, the Transcoder Gateway can compress and transmit high-resolution video used for image guided surgery so it can be viewed remotely on tablets or portable devices by consulting physicians and nursing staff.

The Transcoder Gateway is available in solo and quad models supporting one or four video streams, wireless connectivity options, and different footprint and ruggedization requirements. For more information, visit

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