Pleora Introduces GigE Vision-Compliant Embedded Video Interface

With the introduction of the iPORT NTx-W, Pleora customers can now integrate GigE Vision wireless connectivity in vision systems where cabling poses design and usability challenges. The iPORT NTx-W embedded video interface streams uncompressed video with low, consistent latency at sustained throughputs of more than 150 Mbps over an IEEE 802.11n wireless link. Video is transferred directly to a laptop, tablet, or single-board computer, eliminated the need for a desktop OC with an expensive frame grabber card. The hardware can be integrated with core sensor electronics and is fully compliant with Version 2.0 of the GigE Vision standard. The iPORT NTx-W can be used in transportation, military, and industrial automation applications, as well as medical imaging, where it can be embedded in a flat panel detector that is fully portable and can be moved between different imaging systems or better positioned for patients with limited mobility.