Pleora First to Bring USB3 Vision Advantages HD-SDI Imaging Systems

Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance video interfaces, today introduced the market’s first external frame grabber that allows manufacturers to cut the cost and complexity of HD-SDI vision systems by leveraging the plug-and-play cabling and ubiquitous computing support of USB3 Vision.

The iPORT HDSDI-U3 converts images from HD-SDI and SD-SDI cameras, video processors, and systems into uncompressed USB3 Vision-compliant video. The video – along with power and control data – is transmitted with low, consistent latency over a single USB 3.0 cable directly to an existing port on a wide variety of processing platforms, including tablets, laptops, or embedded PCs. Video can also be seamlessly transmitted to a display panel for observation. With the plug-and-play performance of USB 3.0, end-users can easily set up and tear down systems with minimal technical support. Previously, HD-SDI vision systems required a PCIe frame grabber or ExpressCard to capture image data; adding component costs, technical complexity, and limiting computing platform choice.

Pleora will be demonstrating its new iPORT HDSDI-U3, together with its industry-leading portfolio of external frame grabbers and embedded video interface hardware, at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition (Washington, DC, October 13-15th, booth 3338) and the VISION show (Stuttgart, Germany, November 4-6, Hall 1- Booth C42).

Microscopy, Medical, and Military Imaging Advantages

Built on a field-proven technology platform deployed in tens of thousands of unique mission-critical systems, Pleora’s iPORT HDSDI-U3 External Frame Grabber brings ease-of-use and cost advantages to a widening range of high-performance microscopy, medical, military, and machine vision applications.

In microscopy applications for life sciences, measurement, and quality control, for example, the iPORT HDSDI-U3 allows designers to retain existing cameras, sensors, and optics while leveraging the advantages of USB3 Vision. Traditionally, these systems have required specialized cabling and a PCIe frame grabber to capture images at the computer. In comparison, the iPORT HDSDI-U3 transmits images from the microscope camera over an off-the-shelf USB 3.0 cable directly to a port on a laptop or tablet. The device’s loop-through output allows images to also be transmitted to a display panel for observation.

Similarly, in operating room and endoscopy procedures, designers can convert images from existing HD-SDI cameras and video processors into USB3 Vision to replace discrete desktop PCs, displays, and recording units with a single laptop or tablet.

For military imaging applications, Pleora’s iPORT HDSDI-U3 External Frame Grabber helps designers meet rigorous size, weight, and power (SWaP) objectives. For example, in surveillance systems using slip rings to transmit power and electrical signals to rotating cameras, the external frame grabber provides “single-cable” reliability and cost advantages, while enabling the use of smaller, lower power, and portable computing platforms.

“Pleora’s iPORT HDSDI-U3 meets growing demand for easier-to-use solutions for high-performance imaging applications,” said John Phillips, Senior Manager, Product Management, Pleora Technologies. “Our new external frame grabber is the first to allow manufacturers and system integrators to provide end-users with the standards-compliant video transmission, simplified cabling, and lower-cost computing advantages of USB3 Vision when deploying HD-SDI cameras in new designs or upgrade projects.”


Pleora’s iPORT HDSDI-U3 External Frame Grabber portfolio includes standard and industrial-use models to meet specific application requirements, with extended temperature operating range, connector options, and integrated PLC and GPIO capabilities to control, trigger and synchronize vision system elements. The external frame grabbers are bundled with Pleora’s feature-rich eBUS™ SDK application tool kit to allow designers to rapidly prototype and deploy production-ready software.

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