Pleora Expands eBUS Software Development Kit to Support ARM and OS X

Pleora Technologies, the world’s leading supplier of high-performance video interfaces, today updated its feature-rich eBUS SDK software development kit (SDK) to further streamline the design of high-performance vision systems.

The enhanced Pleora eBUS SDK, now with support for Linux running on an ARM processor and Apple’s OS X operating system, allows designers to rapidly develop production-ready software that is easily ported to different operating systems to support video transmission over GigE, 10 GigE, USB 3.0, or wireless using the same application programming interface (API). By supporting a widening range of operating systems, processing environments, and application requirements, the eBUS SDK allows manufacturers to streamline software design, reduce development costs, and deliver differentiated performance to increase the value of their solutions.

The eBUS SDK complies fully with the latest versions of the GigE Vision®, USB3 Vision™, and GenICam™ standards. The SDK interoperates seamlessly with Pleora’s extensive portfolio of external frame grabber and embedded hardware video interface products, as well as standard-compliant products from other manufacturers. To help speed design, the SDK ships with a broad library of sample code that serves as a quick start platform for development projects. To ensure high-performance, the eBUS Universal Pro Driver helps designers achieve maximum throughput and deliver video with low, consistent latency while minimizing CPU usage on the receiving computer platform.

“Our updated Pleora eBUS SDK allows designers to easily meet a wider range of customer-specific operating system and video interface requirements,” said John Phillips, Senior Manager of Product Management with Pleora Technologies. “The eBUS SDK provides manufacturers with a complete toolset to design a common software platform that is easily and cost-effectively modified to provide comprehensive management of multi-vendor vision systems built on a range of processor architectures and operating systems.”

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