State of Manufacturing Digitization in North America

A Study by Pleora Technologies

Recently, digitization for manufacturing has been all the buzz, as quality control and operations managers from all types of industries look to AI and automation solutions for a wide variety of applications. We are a part of that conversation too, as a manufacturer ourselves here at Pleora. As we chat with other manufacturers we are learning that for many, the goal of taking mainly manual manufacturing and production into an age of digitized, semi or fully automated facilities, is difficult to achieve without first knowing where to start. The topic has been of interest to us lately, as seen in some of our more recent blog posts — The Food and Beverage Industry [in Canada] is Under-digitized, Digitization Mistakes to Avoid, and Digitize with Vision!

As we work with manufacturers and dive deeper into the challenges and pain points of beginning a digital transformation journey, we see that the majority is planning for a wider digital deployment in the coming months or years. This led to our recently conducted study, in the form of a survey, where we reached out to manufacturers in North America to participate in sharing anonymous feedback around progress and where they benchmark on the maturity model for digitization.

From the survey results, some statistics were certainly expected, yet some yielded either a wide range of responses or a result we had not anticipated.

Here are a few takeaways from the survey.

  1. Most manufacturers surveyed have a mix of automated and manual processes, and a desire to migrate towards a more digitized environment.
  2. Many are gathering data, but it remains in information ‘silos’ and do not help to drive process optimization or end-to-end business intelligence.
  3. There are numerous processes that manufacturers identify as key areas to digitize, with product tracking and traceability a key focus.
  4. The number one challenge that is preventing digitization and automation is cultural resistance.

If you are in manufacturing or production within North America and would like to participate in the second edition of the State of Manufacturing Digitization in North America Study, as a thank you we will send you a free copy of the report.

See how your organization compares against other companies in their digitization journey — fill out the short survey now.

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