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Fishing with Machine Vision

: Two Netherlands-based companies developed an automated inspection system that sorts shrimp for consumption and returns other fish unharmed back into the ocean. According to Seeker, without fundamental restructuring of the fishing industry, the oceans could become empty of fish by 2050. Modern technological advances can contribute enormously to sustainable use of natural resources. The vacuum… Read More

Machine Learning and Lung Cancer Detection

: The Institute of Medicine at the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine reports that diagnostic errors contribute to approximately 10 percent of patient deaths and up to 17 percent of hospital complications. According to Xin Zhong, co-founder and CEO of Sigma Technologies, the traditional diagnostic approach often detects the cancer too late, leading to… Read More

Facial Recognition and Security

: Almost out of science fiction, facial recognition technology that identifies people and flags authorities if an individual is on a security watch-list has been gaining headlines. Real-time imaging systems integrating existing and new image sources, combined with facial recognition and artificial intelligence software, are used to track suspects, spot suspicious behaviors, and coordinate emergency services… Read More

Pleora Teams up with Local Robotics Clubs

: At Pleora, we think it’s pretty obvious that designing video interfaces for automated inspection, print verification, and microscopy represent the pinnacle of cool. ….anyone? Ok, maybe that’s just us. But do you know what is cool? Robots! That’s why Pleora was so excited to sponsor robotics clubs at two local Ottawa high schools. During quick… Read More

A Quick Primer on NBASE-T

: If you happen to visit Pleora at an upcoming trade show, you’ll notice our latest GigE Vision over NBASE-T embedded video interface is prominently featured. More complex image systems – with fully networked, high-resolution multi- source vision applications outputting millions of pixels of data for real-time processing – are quickly outpacing the capabilities of 1… Read More