Real-Time Video Networking for Mission-Critical Applications

Vision systems are playing an increasingly important role to help improve battlefield surveillance and intelligence while keeping troops out of harm’s way.

Designers of military imaging systems face serious challenges. To enable quick and accurate decision-making, systems must be easy to use while still delivering sophisticated analysis. Systems must be cost-effective to deploy, maintain, and upgrade, and wherever feasible preserve investments in cameras and sensors. Every effort must be made to reduce size, weight, and power, while following military performance requirements that guide component selection.

Pleora’s video interface expertise help designers meet these challenges, with solutions that ensure real-time imaging performance to address cost, scalability, and interoperability demands while meeting VIVOE DEF STAN 00-82, VICTORY and NGVA requirements.

Local Situational Awareness

Deliver real-time uncompressed video from multiple imaging sources to processing platforms and display panels in vetronics systems for ground-based vehicles

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