Automated Inspection Made Easy with Vaira

An easy-to-use AI platform designed for manufacturers that automates inspection and assembly to improve quality, efficiency and traceability

  • Create custom automated inspection and assembly workflows without development costs
  • Improve end-to-end traceability and gain production insights with integrated reporting
  • Easily scale AI decision-support and automation across your organization

Backed by over two decades of expertise in machine vision and real-time automation connectivity for consumer goods, manufactured parts, food & beverage, and print & packaging markets

Automate Manual Steps with Vaira
and Customize Shop Floor-Ready Apps

Vaira™ helps manufacturers digitize work instructions, automate inspections, and upgrade error-prone manual processes and support human decisions to boost productivity and increase profits. The camera and software based solution is powered by a scalable suite of shop floor-ready inspection and traceability apps built on proven machine vision and AI expertise for frontline manufacturing operations, with two-way integration to resource planning tools to help drive continuous analysis, insight, and improvements.

1 Customizable

Flexible inspection, assembly, and reporting templates to create custom workflows

2 Scalable

Own, deploy, and scale your own automation without expensive customization

3 Adaptable

Develop applications for offline decision-support and inline automated inspection

4 Standardized

Turnkey hardware and user-friendly software with integrated PLC, MES, ERP connectivity

Streamline Your Operations from End-to-End

Discover how different manufacturing operations use Vaira to add AI inspection and decision support for human operators, helping to detect errors sooner in process, and increasing overall productivity and product quality.

Electronics manufacturing video thumbnail

DICA Electronics

Detect product errors commonly missed by AOI, such as component orientation, solder defects, through-hole issues, and labelling.

Pleora dairy distillery video thumbnail

Dairy Distillery

Add decision-support during manual in-process manufacturing and final inspection steps to reduce waste, and ensure consistent brand appearance.

Automotive Spark Plugs

Digitize and automate visual inspection and traceability for improved quality control and increased productivity.

multi-coloured cables

Wires for Electronics

Automate manual inspection and add operator alerts to mitigate error escapes and avoid product returns.

Mission-Critical Components

Guarantee product traceability for customer compliance requirements

Industrial Parts

Eliminate subjective time-consuming data procurement and decision-making for staff

Learn more about how Vaira can improve your operations

Pleora delivers Vaira, a suite of scalable apps to digitize and automate manual and paper-based manufacturing processes. Ensure consistent and reliable decision-making, visually train new employees, and streamline processes to drive analysis-based continuous improvement.

Automated Visual Inspection

Solve manual inspection errors immediately and simplify your path towards full automation. Built on machine vision expertise, the app highlights product differences to reduce quality escapes with AI-based decision support for operators through assembly and inspection processes to ensure consistent and reliable results. Unique AI capabilities are transparently trained on operator decisions, meaning you don’t need algorithm expertise or numerous images to teach the system. A trained app can be easily deployed as an inline solution, providing manufacturers with a scalable approach to full automation.

Checklist & Work Instructions

Convert paper-based processes, including assembly and changeover steps, into electronic checklists that ensure your staff is using the latest instructions to eliminate errors, waste, and delays. Speed training for new employees and processes, while gathering data for regulatory reporting requirements. Incorporate interactive documents, web links, images, and videos to clearly and visually explain process steps.

Product Tracker

Capture, store, and share images and operator notes of every outgoing visually inspected or manually assembled product for traceability, inventory management, batch tracking, and to speed customer issue resolution. Store product images and data locally or in the cloud, and connect with manufacturing planning systems to gather and analyze end-to-end product information.

Build Your Own App

Design your own custom workflow by customizing an existing app, combining pre-packaged app capabilities, or develop and deploy your own app for custom requirements. Our “low code” builder tool lets anyone design their own digitization and automation apps, or work with our design services team on a custom solution.

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Digitize Your Manual Manufacturing with Vaira

Learn how Vaira adds AI inspection and traceability at every point on the factory floor

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AI Consistency for Subjective Human Decisions

Discover how an electronics manufacturer and distillery rely on Vaira to ensure quality, lower costs, and increased productivity

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