Updated March 23, 2020

All Pleora Customers

Many of our customers have reached out to us expressing concern related to potential disruption to their businesses due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We would like to outline some of the steps Pleora has taken to ensure business continuity as we continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains.

To-date our entire supply chain remains secure, and we are confident in our ability to secure raw materials and ship products on time. Our operations and executive teams are proactively monitoring the status of our supply chain to mitigate any potential disruptions and ensure we can continue to meet both expected and unforeseen product demand for our customers.

Our global offices continue to take precautionary measures, including restricting non-essential business travel and suspending in-person meetings at our facilities. We have enabled a majority of our staff to work remotely and this has been in place for more than a week. Minor delays in responses from our Sales & Support teams are possible during this time but efforts are being made to minimize delays. Personal travel is discouraged and we are encouraging the practice of social distancing on a continuous basis. These steps have been put in place to help protect the health of our employees and our ability to continue to support customers.

In order to do our part to help ensure the integrity of our customers’ supply chains, Pleora has been proactively reaching out to our customers to better understand their operational situation. This includes providing options for early delivery of some or all the orders they have in place with us. If you have an outstanding order and would like to discuss early delivery, please contact your Account Manager or reach us at orders@pleora.com. Early delivery will be accommodated to our best ability.

As this is a highly dynamic situation, we will continue to assess changes to quarantine and travel restrictions. We will provide updates via this web page, and directly advise customers on any interruptions that could impact shipment dates.