Plug-in skills for the AI Gateway, including out-of-the-box solutions and sample code, allow end-users and developers to add intelligence to visual inspection applications and simplify the deployment of customized capabilities.

Visual Inspection Plug-Ins

The AI Gateway provides optional plug-in modules for no code hyperspectral and visual inspection applications, without requiring any additional programming. Images and data are simply uploaded to learning vision software that supports a unique "auto-learning" mode. AI models are transferred and deployed on the AI Gateway in production environments.

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Hyperspectral Module

The Hyperspectral Plug-In for the AI Gateway, developed with perClass, is the easiest way to leverage machine-learning hyperspectral imaging for challenging inspection applications without any additional programming knowledge. Images and data are uploaded to perClass Mira® “no code” training software on a host PC, which automatically generates AI models that are deployed on the Pleora AI Gateway in a production environment.

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Inspection Plug-In Module

The Inspection Plug-In, developed with Neurocle, simplifies the deployment of deep learning-based classification, segmentation, and object detection capabilities for visual inspection applications. Images and data are uploaded to Neurocle Neuro-T deep learning vision software, which supports a unique “auto-learning” mode with predefined parameters optimized for the NVIDIA GPU in Pleora’s AI Gateway.

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Standard Python Plug-In Sample Code

Pleora’s AI Gateway provides a user-friendly approach and a powerful NVIDIA GPU to enable the deployment of open source or custom algorithms developed in popular frameworks like TensorFlow and OpenCV. The AI Gateway includes a growing list of sample source codes for inspection applications.

Image Comparison

This plug-in skill compares two images – a reference “golden image” and a current image to be inspected – to highlight defects to the end-user and automate routine visual inspection tasks.

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QR Code Detector

Based on OpenCV QR code detection, the plug-in skill reads the value of a QR code while demonstrating how to integrate OpenCV features into the AI Gateway.

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Object Counter with OPC-UA

The plug-in skills detects circles in an image and displays a live count to users for automating routine counting tasks. The plug-in includes an OPC-UA server to demonstrate how the AI Gateway can be deployed in Industry 4.0 applications.

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Basic Per-Pixel Inversion

This plug-in shows basic Python pixel operations by inverting pixels of an image. The sample code provides a starting point for other image enhancement operations, including contrast enhancement or edge detection, while allowing users to gain an understanding of Python plug-in framework.

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