Pleora Technologies’ whitepapers are the best way to stay informed about the latest trends in imaging technologies and vision systems, The papers you can download below cover a range of topics including vision standards, video interfaces in medical technology, military vetronics, and more.

Machine Vision Makes the Move to Internet of Things

This paper discusses how machine vision can bring cost and performance benefits to Internet of Things applications, while enabling new machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities,

Edge Processing Whitepaper

This paper discusses smart devices and edge processing as an asset to machine learning and AI capabilities as the space advances towards Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Real-Time Vision Systems for Local Situational Awareness in Land-Based Military Vehicles

This paper compares the cost and performance of several different connectivity technologies and provides a detailed analysis of the benefits of using Ethernet equipment for the transport platform.

Understanding Latency in Real-Time Imaging Systems

This paper provides an overview on the constituent elements of latency, and provides latency test results for image transfer over a GigE Vision link.

The Networked Operating Room

This paper examines the use of GigE Vision interfaces in medical technology, highlights their unique advantages through application examples, and considers future developments in the medical field.

Vision-Critical Networked Video

This whitepaper examines the benefits of Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) networked video, illustrates some of its key characteristics in the context of a number of primary applications, and draws conclusions as to its ease of implementation and future development.