Solving Visual Inspection Errors with AI

AI in Machine Vision Inspection Applications, 8:00 am Tuesday June 7th
The Automate Conference, Huntington Place, Detroit, MI, USA

Ed Goffin

Featured Speaker: Ed Goffin,
Sr. Marketing Manager

New AI-based visual inspection systems add automation and decision support for manual inspection and assembly processes to help manufacturers reduce downtime and ensure end-to-end quality. This presentation will introduce AI-based visual inspection. By looking at two case studies, we will discuss how easy-to-train algorithms are allowing manufacturers to deploy advanced capabilities more easily. In the first case study, we will look at how a distillery is using AI-based augmented reality and quality control tools to help maintain brand quality and reduce labeling errors that increase operating costs and slow production. We will then discuss how an electronics manufacturers is using image compare and traceability to help inspector’s spot differences and monitor quality for its end-customer.

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