Reducing the Complexity of Deploying Artificial Intelligence

Pleora recently introduced the vision industry’s first artificial intelligence (AI) platform that simplifies the deployment of advanced machine learning capabilities to improve the reliability and lower the cost of visual quality inspection. The AI Gateway integrates plug-in and customizable AI skills to increase the accuracy and lower the cost of automated inspection by reducing false positives, secondary screenings, and inspection errors.

Pleora’s new gateway sidesteps one of the main hurdles for AI in vision applications – deployment. The gateway allows users to deploy AI skills without any additional programming knowledge, and is compatible with GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, Camera Link, and MIPI cameras from any vendor. This means existing hardware, software and vision algorithms can be upgraded to include advanced AI capabilities.

Deploying the gateway is straightforward. Images and data are uploaded to “no code” training software on a host PC, which automatically generates a neural network that is deployed on the Pleora AI Gateway in a production environment. The AI Gateway receives the camera feed, automatically performs the deployed plug-in or custom AI skill, and transmits the pre-processed data over a real-time GigE Vision connection to the existing inspection application.

The gateway is designed to be scalable, providing an evolutionary path for future Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 applications. A user-friendly framework allows custom AI capabilities developed in Python to be loaded to the gateway. The highly configurable platform is built on an NVIDIA GPU that is easily upgraded for applications requiring more powerful AI image processing, and multiple gateways can be networked to enable distributed image processing to leverage the multicast capabilities of GigE Vision.