Pleora Teams up with Local Robotics Clubs

At Pleora, we think it’s pretty obvious that designing video interfaces for automated inspection, print verification, and microscopy represent the pinnacle of cool.


Ok, maybe that’s just us. But do you know what is cool? Robots! That’s why Pleora was so excited to sponsor robotics clubs at two local Ottawa high schools. During quick meetings with each of the clubs’ leadership groups, we were able to learn a great deal about Bruins Robotics from Bell High School and the RoboRavens from Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School.

The first thing that struck us the passion and energy the club leadership displayed when describing their projects. We were immediately impressed at how organized, professional, and persuasive their presentations were when explaining their sponsorship requirements.

The second thing we realized is how much time and effort goes into preparing and competing in robotics events. The clubs are completely student organized and managed, with all of the work performed outside of classroom hours. When preparing for competitions, it is common to find the groups working well into the night; fueled by a combination of pizza, adrenaline, and chai lattes.

Lastly, we learned that robotics is not an inexpensive endeavor. Aside from the late-night snacks, the clubs are responsible for competition entry fees, travel and accommodations, and of course the materials required to build and assemble the robots. Since these costs can easily climb into the tens of thousands of dollars, sponsorships are vital to keeping these clubs active and competitive in the international events.

As part of our sponsorships, we were invited to visit their labs to meet club members and learn more about how they work in preparation for competitions. It was a great experience seeing how these robotics clubs reinforce and expand the STEM skills, while also developing technical and leadership skills.

The clubs graciously allowed us to record our visits, which we produced into the videos you can view below. Thank you and good luck to RoboRavens and Bruins Robotics!