AI: A Hybrid Approach is the Right Approach

Reduce false-positives, costly inspection errors and secondary screenings while keeping existing hardware and software, but how? Where does AI offer advantages within inspection applications? And how do manufacturers deploy AI without disrupting end-user systems and processes?

In order to adopt AI into any inspection process, first manufacturers and system integrators should better understand the technologies and differentiators within “AI”, such as traditional AI vs machine learning or deep learning. Practical understanding of this breakdown will provide insight on how to efficiently invest and deploy new AI capabilities to reduce costs, complexity, and errors in existing inspection applications.

Join Pleora as a series of upcoming events, where we will discuss how to deploy advanced machine learning inspection capabilities as a hybrid approach – lowering costs and improving results while retaining existing equipment, systems and end-user processes. Gain insight into a real-world case study, where manufacturers leverage machine learning with an AI retrofit and secondary screening for food and quality inspection applications. Effectively, from this event series attendees will have the ability to leverage advances in machine learning and embedded technologies and forecast for the future planning of IoT, cloud, and other future collaborations.

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Upgrade vision systems with hybrid AI using off-the-shelf solutions. Pleora’s AI Gateway is an out-of-the-box embedded AI solution that lets designers easily deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning skills with existing hardware and software for visual inspection applications, using plug-in AI skill and user-friendly no-code training capabilities.

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