Networked Multi-Camera Vision Systems for Ship-to-Shore Cranes

Automating container transfer improves efficiency, accuracy, and safety in shipping terminals by minimizing cycle times and introducing new levels of speed and precision. With Pleora’s external frame grabbers, integrators can support required point-to-point video connections, while leveraging the networking, cabling, and computing advantages of Gigabit Ethernet to upgrade existing multi-camera ship-to-shore imaging systems.

In this application, operators in a centralized control center use real-time video from multiple cameras to monitor automated loading and unloading processes. Pleora’s external frame grabbers convert images from existing Sony block or Camera Link cameras used for inspection and monitoring into GigE Vision-compliant video streams that are streamed with low, consistent latency to endpoints.

Video, control data, and power are transmitted over the single Ethernet cable; lowering component costs and simplifying installation and maintenance. Ethernet’s extended cabling reach allows system integrators to centralize processing/analysis computers.

Image feeds from cameras are aggregated at a switch and streamed uncompressed over the Ethernet network to centrally located display and processing equipment. The point-to-point and point-to-multipoint networking flexibility of GigE allows images from multiple cameras to be aggregated to a single port on a workstation or processing unit, and/or imaging data can be multicast from one camera to multiple workstations.


A diagram of Pleora's Ship-to-Shore Crane application

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