Retrofit Upgrade for Traffic Toll Collection and Monitoring

In a free-flow traffic tolling system, Pleora’s external frame grabbers simplify implementation and maintenance, extend the life of legacy systems, future-proof designs, and enhance performance.

Video feeds from Camera Link or analog cameras are converted to GigE by Pleora’s external frame grabbers. Ethernet’s long cabling reach allows designers to move the processing computers off the gantry and place them at the side of the road – a convenient location for maintenance.

At the PC, all the interfaces connect via GigE, eliminating the need for a computing platform with an available peripheral card slot. As a result, system designers can reduce system size, cost, and power consumption by using computing platforms with smaller form factors that can be housed in a roadside enclosure, such as embedded PCs and single-board computers.

Pleora’s external frame grabbers contain a sophisticated programmable logic controller (PLC). This PLC can accept triggers from laser sensors or induction loops, and accurately synchronize both the camera’s sensor and the strobe light.


A diagram of Pleora's Free-Flow Traffic Tolling application

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