Integrate Existing and New Image Sources for Real-Time Facial Recognition

Real-time imaging systems integrating existing and new image sources, combined with facial recognition and artificial intelligence software, are used to track suspects, spot suspicious behaviors, and coordinate emergency services to help improve public safety and security. Images can be instantly compared against a police database of known criminals. Authorities are then alerted if a match is found.

Existing cameras that scan roadways and public facilities are connected with new imaging devices in transportation hubs and private buildings to create a surveillance and data sharing platform. Pleora’s external frame grabbers convert image feeds from roadside analog and Camera Link cameras into GigE Vision video. Uncompressed image feeds from multiple cameras are streamed with low latency over the extended-reach Ethernet network to a central office for automated processing and display. The external frame grabbers’ integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) synchronizes sensors and lighting sources and triggers the image acquisition process.

Businesses, transportation systems, and government offices are also using facial recognition to verify identification and screen individuals. In these systems, existing legacy cameras are converted into GigE Vision devices by Pleora’s external frame grabbers. Alternatively, designers can speed the design of GigE Vision imaging devices with Pleora’s GigE Vision embedded video interfaces.

With the video output from all cameras and image sources converted into a common format, designers can create a real-time networked imaging system integrating existing and new imaging sources. Using Pleora’s eBUS SDK software, end-users can manage and control the multi-vendor end-to-end imaging system.


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