Easily Deploy AI Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imaging

Pleora’s AI Gateway provides a straightforward approach to train and deploy AI algorithms leveraging hyperspectral imaging for inspection applications.

Where traditional cameras capture images in broad wavelengths to match human vision, hyperspectral imaging provides narrower wavelengths to include ultraviolet or near infrared information for each pixel on an inspected object.

In the pharmaceutical market, for example, hyperspectral imaging can detect subtle changes in the composition of active ingredients in visually identical pills to screen out-of-specification products. Hyperspectral imaging is also being used in agriculture, biotechnology, environmental monitoring, food inspection, and security & defense applications.

The AI gateway includes powerful automatic machine learning capabilities from perClass as a plug-in solution. Images and data are uploaded to perClass Mira® “no code” training software on a host PC, which automatically generates AI models that are deployed on the AI Gateway in a production environment.

Pleora’s AI Gateway works seamlessly with any standards-compliant hyperspectral sensor, meaning end-users can avoid vendor lock-in while maintaining processes and analysis software. The AI Gateway automatically handles image acquisition from the hyperspectral imaging source and sends out the processed data over GigE Vision to inspection and analysis platforms. The AI Gateway provides additional plug-in AI skills for classification, sorting, and detecting, with the processing flexibility of an NVIDIA GPU to train and deploy open source or custom algorithms developed in popular frameworks like TensorFlow and OpenCV.

A diagram of Pleora's AI and Hyperspectral Imaging

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